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Welcome to SA Sheep Expo


Encouraging the next generation to engage in the sheep industry by promoting opportunity, understanding and knowledge

The SA Sheep Expo is a new event offering young people a platform to develop a better understanding of the sheep industry, the opportunities it offers and to encourage the next generation to engage at a grassroots level within the industry.

Inspired by the highly successful SA Junior Heifer Expo, the SA Sheep Expo will provide an education forum for young sheep enthusiasts aged 12 to 23 years and enable them to build their knowledge and identify pathways to further careers in areas of the sheep industry.

We are very thankful for the generous support of the
businesses and organisations who share our vision
of developing the future of our livestock industry.








 SA Sheep Expo on Landline

The 2018 SA Sheep Expo was featured on ABC's Landline on 6 May 2018. 
To watch the episode, visit here


Notice of AGM

The Annual General Meeting for the SA Sheep Expo Council Inc will be held 18 April 2018 at 9:00pm at the Adelaide Showground.

Please contact the Secretary for further information.

08 8210 5215 or