Conditions of Entry

  • Entrants to be between 12 and 23 years inclusive as at 1st April 2024.
  • Entrants are NOT required to be a financial member of any Breed Society, or be from a sheep farm, or own or be involved in any sheep operation.
  • Entry will only be accepted once payment of registration/entry is received.
  • The number of entrants is capped at 170 to ensure the Committee can adequately cater for the event. Positions will be filled on a first-in first-served basis. Any entries received above the maximum entries, or waitlist requests, will only be allocated if the timetable allows (this may be dependent on number of entries per age group) and at the discretion of the Committee. Any entry received that cannot be given a place for the event will receive a full refund of the entry fee paid. Committee decision on this matter will be final.
  • ENTRY FEE $242.00 (incl GST). Entry fee covers attendance at the event, all meals and drinks, animal provision and the use of a locker/sleeping quarters.
  • Entries close Sunday 3rd March 2024
  • WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND POLICY - intention to withdraw from the Expo must be sent to the Secretary in writing.
    A full refund will be returned if the notification is received before the close of registrations.
    If notification is received between close of registrations and the start of the event registration funds will be held over for the following year or refunded at the Committees discretion.
    If no notification is received prior to the start of the expo, no refund will be returned.
  • ADULT HELPERS NEEDED We encourage parents and teachers to consider volunteering for this event, in particular we need some to stay overnight. This is vital for the successful running of our event.
    Free accommodation for volunteers is available. Meals are also available for an adult volunteer ($132 incl GST) for the full event. Please use the link to Adult Helper Registration to register as a Volunteer for the 2024 event.
  • All entrants must stay at the Showground and remain in the designated areas at all times. Official permission with a valid reason must be obtained to leave the Showground at any time during the event. Any entrant that leaves the grounds or designated areas without permission will be instantly disqualified. All visitors will be requested to leave by 10.00 pm. Adult Helpers have the option to stay overnight at the Showground and will be allocated a sleeping area/locker and must indicate their intention during the registration process.
    A parent may only stay if they volunteer as an adult helper at the event.
    See more details about Visitors to the Event further below.
  • WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK (formerly Police Checks) - All participants 18 years and over must have a current National Police Working with Children Check and provide their WWCC details at least 2 weeks BEFORE event. MORE DETAILS about how to apply for one are on the next page.
  • Strictly NO ALCOHOL, SMOKING OR VAPING will be permitted on the grounds throughout the duration of the event, this includes persons over 18 years. Any entrant found to be using any of these will be immediately disqualified from the Expo.
  • All entrants are expected to behave respectfully, courteously, honestly and ethically towards Committee, volunteers, participants and anyone in attendance at the event. Disruptive and/or unacceptable behaviour from entrants will not be tolerated, nor will any form of harassment, discrimination and bullying. The Committee has the power to take the appropriate action in line with its procedure for responding to unacceptable behaviour.
  • No cruelty to animals (in any form) will be tolerated.
  • A Security Officer will be on duty at the Showground for the duration of the Expo, however all participants are responsible for the safety of their own belonging. Valuable items bought onto the Showground for the duration of the Expo is entirely at the owner’s risk.
  • HANDLER age groups as at 1/04/2024:
    Juniors - 12 to 14 years, Intermediates - 15 to 17 yrs, Seniors - 18 to 23 yrs inclusive.
  • Entrants are not required to organise their own animal / exhibit for the Expo. The SA Sheep Expo Committee will be supplying all animals required for the educational program and assessment. Owners supplying animals are responsible for all health requirements and supply will be at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Any animal allocated to a participant for judging and/or handling and/or assessment purposes must be attended and prepared by the participant ONLY. No adult assistance or outside professional assistance will be tolerated. All entrants under the age of 15 will be allocated a buddy to assist with preparation and handling of animals if required. Adult help is available if entrants are having difficulty.
  • Halters and leads must be used at all times when animals are being led. Animals shall only be moved on the instruction of Committee/Supervisors/Lecturers/Team Leaders and following the appropriate procedures. Entrants are reminded they have a duty of care for their own safety and those around them. The Committee reserves the right to deal with any situation or incident that arises.
  • The loading and unloading of animals will be managed by the Owner of the animal(s) and his/her designated agents and will follow the appropriate procedures as outlined by the SA Sheep Expo Committee. No entrant will be involved in the arrival and departure process.
    Unless prior arrangement is made with the Committee, NO participant is permitted to enter the Showground prior to the scheduled commencement of the expo (as per the published program) on Wednesday 17 April 2024 (Committee excluded).
    If you are travelling from interstate or a large distance and have no other options, please contact the Registrar to discuss options for staying the night before the event. Entrants under 18 years of age that require to stay the night prior to the event (Tuesday 16 April) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, as only a small number of volunteer Committee members will be on the grounds that night and will not have the capacity to undertake supervision duties. No meals will be provided.
  • DEPARTURE FROM THE EVENT Unless prior arrangement is made with the Committee, NO participant is permitted to leave the Showground until the conclusion of presentations on Friday 19 April 2024 and only once sleeping and designated areas are left clean and tidy. This will be at the discretion of the participant’s team leader.
  • All electrical appliances brought onto the Showground for use must be in sound working order and current safety tagged. The use of double adaptors is strictly prohibited. Competitors to supply their own “Safety Switch” (RCD) for installation at each power outlet they use.
  • INSURANCE AND PUBLIC LIABILITY is the responsibility of the Owner. Any private vehicles parked within the Showgrounds will be totally at the risk of the owner.
  • Management and control of the SA Sheep Expo will be in the hands of the Committee and their decision shall be final. Any complaints concerning the SA Sheep Expo or applications for refunds will only be accepted in writing, and will be resolved by the Committee at the first meeting following this year's Expo.
  • Participants may bring a laptop to complete written assessments, but must be responsible for keeping it safe at all times.
  • Participants are required to bring their own lock for their sleeping locker.
  • The committee has the power to remove spectators, competitors, live-in parents, or any other attendees that are in breach of the Conditions of Entry above. A breach of these conditions may result in exclusion from future events.


For the safety and wellbeing of all participants, any adult visiting the event must be there for a reason AND always sign in at the registration desk as they arrive.
We welcome:

  • Registered Parent and Adult Volunteers
  • Parents or Guardians at Drop Off and Pick Up times - refer to Program when it has been finalised and distributed.
  • Parents or Guardians in the audience on Friday for Judging and Handling Events, Results and Awards Presentation- refer to Program when it has been finalised and distributed
  • Workshop Presenters, Speakers or Sponsors.

Any other person will be asked to leave.
We discourage parents who are not volunteers from coming in and out at any time.
If you are a parent who is concerned for your child who is attending for the first time or has a special need, please consider being a volunteer. You will not work directly with your child (unless required), but you will be there helping others and allowing your child to grow and develop their independence in a safe and caring environment.
When dropping your child off at Expo on the first morning, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to our Child Safety Officer, and meet your child's Team Leader.