Scholarships Create Bonus Incentives

By Ian Turner

Entering the 2018 SA Sheep Expo offers huge potential learning opportunities, not just from the wide range of subject choices covered by sheep industry leaders, but also from the great networking opportunities it presents.

Consistent feedback from participants over the last two years clearly indicates that networking opportunities with industry leaders and fellow participants is a huge benefit from attending. Those benefits are available to everyone who enters with registrations for this April 18-20 event now being taken.

However, there are four important scholarships on offer this year, allowing the winners to further expand their knowledge and networking. These scholarships are the Lawral Park Scholarship, now in its third year and offering on-farm work experience; the Heiniger Learner’s Scholarship opening doors into the shearing industry; the RA&HS Show Experience Scholarship exclusively open to Junior participants; and this year for the first time, the Superior Selections Marketing Scholarship.

For example, and to explain in more depth, the Lawral Park Scholarship offered the winner up to two weeks farm work experience at Lawral Park’s Ungarra property on Eyre Peninsula, home of the Lawral Park SAMM sheep stud, but also encompassing cropping, hay making, feedlotting and commercial sheep management.

Lawral Park principal Campbell Lawrie’s motivation is to encourage and foster the next generation of sheep industry participants.
“The sheep industry needs new and vibrant leaders, and this can only come about by giving opportunities to our youth,” Campbell Lawrie said when instigating the award.

Campbell said that feedback from participants clearly supported his view that the broad-based program and opportunities this event provides had been clearly lacking in the sheep industry and he was prepared to back it in any way he could.

Last year’s winner of the Lawral Park Scholarship was Kate Methven from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and she has very recently completed her work experience placement at Lawral Park.

“After applying for this scholarship and being lucky enough to be successful, it was immensely enjoyable to be able to undertake this wonderful experience where I learnt a great amount,” Kate said.

“Throughout my time and through a range of set and flexible jobs I was given many opportunities to learn and apply newly learnt knowledge.

“I was able to work with Campbell and engage with the working of the stud and how the farm operated.

“The sheep are incorporated with cropping and hay enterprises where each are related and benefit from the other.

“It was great to observe that relationship between each enterprise and begin to understand how they are incorporated together,” Kate said.

“It was particularly beneficial to see the young stock scanned for fat and eye muscle depth and to be able to assess the rams with Campbell; to see what to look for in quality sheep and what attributes are essential to achieve higher production levels.

“During this experience I was given trust and the opportunity to work both independently and with new people, and I started to get an appreciation of Eyre Peninsula as a great place to work and visit.”

Kate summarised her Sheep Expo and Lawral Park Scholarship experience as immensely enjoyable and said she learnt a great amount.

“In the practical work at Lawral Park, I was able to link back to the activities I participated in at the 2017 Sheep Expo and consequently was able to continue to build on my previous knowledge and experiences,” Kate concluded.

These wider and extended experiences are available to registered participants at the 2018 Sheep Expo and entrants are encouraged to apply for any of the four scholarships offered by the supporting sponsors.

Campbell Lawrie congratulates Kate Methven at the 2017 SA Sheep
Expo on winning the Lawral Park Work Experience Scholarship

Kate Methven pictured during her work experience
at Lawral Park

Trail grain feeding of sheep at Lawral Park

A mob of SAMMs at Lawral Park