Education Scholarship Report 2021

I was fortunate enough to win the SA Sheep Expo travel scholarship for getting runner-up in the senior section at the 2021 Sheep Expo.

Over the 15-17th of April in 2023 I was able to travel to the Sydney Royal Easter Show using this scholarship. It was a great experience especially as one of the breeds I run at home- the Texel, was the feature breed for the meat sheep section this year.

I was fortunate to help exhibit for Tullamore Park Texels, and to have the great opportunity of talking to breeders of terminal breeds from different areas of Eastern Australia.

The Sydney Royal featured a lot of school-run studs and encouraged young kids to participate in showing stud sheep. I also noticed the contrasting breed representations where there was an extensive 'any other breed' section.


Another thing I found interesting was the team of six prize for the Border Leicester's, where a stud was to present rams and ewes of different ages. I'd like to thank the sponsors, Pete and Liz Russel, and all of the people who made this trip possible.

Emi Hughes



Heiniger Scholarship Report 2019

After winning the Heiniger Scholarship at the 2019 Sheep Expo I tried to fit in as much shearing as I could around my farm work. This scholarship pushed me to find more time for shearing.  In February 2020 I went to a 2-week improver school at Konetta Station in Kingston, South East.
 - Alan Lintern        >> read his full report

2017 Parent Helper:

"I expected my kids to learn lots and make new friends, but I didn't realise that I would do the same! Thank you to all of the committee, sponsors and presenters for an awesome 3 days of fun and learning."
- Jo Lush

2016 Heiniger Scholar:

"Everything's gone really great with the scholarship, I've used it continuously and still am using it. I worked for a shearing team from November to February during my school break, and have also used the gear at home on our sheep and at school.
I've improved further on my technique more and am getting better and better every day. I've entered a few local competitions and I've improved on my count each day.
It honestly was the best scholarship I've received and it was truly an honour, I've had so much good use out of it. The gear has definitely been put to good use and will continue to do so."
- Emma Bentley

NZ Study Tour 2016

The winner of the 2016 SA Sheep Expo, Emily Attard had the opportunity to visit the Canterbury Region in the Central South Island of New Zealand.

>> Read Her Report Here

Current Sponsors:

"Elders being involved in these industry events involving children and young adults is a key part of our business. Not only does it allow us to show the expertise held within the agency business and how it helps farmers but it sows the seed for some to view our business as a future career path. In short sowing the crop for the next generation of Elders employees."
- Chris Howie, Elders National Livestock Manager

"We firstly wanted to encourage young like minded sheep people who wanted to be in the sheep industry, but after seeing and talking to the competitors it was clecar the industry was lacking this kind of event and the opportunities it offered…the sheep and livestock industry needs new and vibrant leaders, this can only come about by being given an opportunity.
- Campbell Lawrie, Lawral Park Prime SAMM Owner & General Manager

Presenting Partner:

“Through a growing commitment to education in the wool industry, AWI were able to empower this grassroots initiative, which the South Australian industry should be congratulated for. The event will naturally feed into our established programs, such as National Merino Challenge and Breeding Leadership, which focus on fostering and educating the new generations of wool industry participants.”
- Emily King, Australian Wool Innovation