Alan Lintern – Heiniger Scholarship Winner 2019

Heiniger Scholarship Report

After winning the Heiniger Scholarship at the 2019 Sheep Expo I tried to fit in as much shearing as I could around my farm work. This scholarship pushed me to find more time for shearing.  In February 2020 I went to a 2-week improver school at Konetta Station in Kingston, South East. When I arrived at this school, I was shearing around 60 sheep a day and working hard. At the school, a Heiniger Rep helped me to get my hand piece running correctly. This made a big difference. With this, plus the help from the Instructors I was soon shearing 80 a day and doing it much easier. At the completion of this school, I was happy to receive my Cert III in Shearing.

In March 2020 I was planning to compete in several Shearing Competitions at Country Shows and Field days, due to COVID-19 I was only able to enter at Mannum Show in early March. I hope to enter more competitions in the future as events start running again.

In April 2020 shearing at my property in the Adelaide hills south Australia I was more than happy to jump on a stand in any free time and shear a few. Throughout the year I was shearing pet sheep and hobby farmer’s sheep whenever the opportunity arrived. In September 2020 we were shearing again on our South Australian properties and again I was doing as many as possible, whist keeping sheep up for the main shearing team.

In November 2020, my main shearer and I headed to New South Wales to shear the Sheep on my family’s station at Pooncarie. Due to the drought these sheep were not the best to shear, however I was still managing to get my 70 a day. At the completion on 2020 I had managed to shear a total of 1179 sheep that year.

In January 2021 I started a Cert III in Wool Clip Preparation, which will qualify me to be an Owner Wool Classer once complete. The course was ran at Brinkley, South Australia, with one week in January and a second in February. I will finish this course in March 2021.

I have also signed up for another Shearing School in March, this time at Pandurra. By doing this I hope to reach my 100 sheep a day!

This scholarship was an amazing award for me to win as it pushed me to do more shearing and get help to do it properly.  I am now also shearing all of my stud sheep and picking up more small mobs around the Adelaide Hill. The only part of the prize that I am yet to complete is heading to a field day with a Heiniger Rep. Due to Covid-19 and the cancellation of many events this was not able to happen. I hope that I am still able to do this in the future as I was looking forward to this experience.

Thanks heaps to the Sheep Expo Organizers for an amazing event and thanks to Heiniger for putting up such an amazing prize.

Alan Lintern