National Police
Working with Children Check (WWCC)

All Team Leaders and Volunteers 18 years and over require a WWCC whether staying overnight or not. This reassures parents that we are diligent in ensuring children are being cared for in a safe environment by ensuring those directly responsible for the care of participants have been screened appropriately and eligible to undertake child-related work.

Any other volunteer (including presenters) who are not staying onsite overnight do not require a WWCC, however will be encouraged to obtain one or provide their WWCC details to record on our registry as an additional level of assurance.

If you already sent us your WWCC details in 2023, please EMAIL us the following details so we can check our database:

  • Your full name (including middle name) as recorded on your Working With Children Check
  • Unique Id: SRN XXXX-XXXX

If you don’t have a current National Police Working with Children Check
you need to apply for one ASAP - it can take a few weeks to be sent to you!