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2019 SA Sheep Expo Program - Focusing on 'Lamb Production and Industry Innovation’


PROGRAM COMMENCES 8am, Monday 15th April 2019

If you are travelling from intrastate or flying from interstate the Expo commences at 8am, Monday 15 April 2019.  Please contact the Secretary via email: if you require accommodation at the showground prior on Sunday 14 April 2019.



An interactive 3-day program is prepared by the SA Sheep Expo Committee. The program includes hands-on sessions, demonstrations and presentations from leading industry experts. Each year a focus is given to a key topic of the industry, be it ewes, rams, or lambs, with technologies incorporated into each years theme. Both wool and meat facets of the sheep industry are then represented in the program, with a range of sessions delivered by reputable industry specialists.

An example of program topics that were covered in the  2018 'ram' program were:

  • Wool - On Farm (Shearing, Wool Classing & Handling) & Off Farm (Processing, Marketing etc)
  • Biosecurity & Animal Health
  • Animal Assessment & Animal Handling (Young Judges)
  • Commercial Ram Selection
  • Nutrition
  • Marketing 
  • Semen Quality and Assessment
  • Genomics - Learning ASBV's
  • Ram Select Workshops
  • Farmers Challenge
  • Sheep Handling
  • Breed Societies and the different sheep breeds
  • Industry, Education, Careers and Pathways

Participants compete in age groups to maximise learning outcomes with major incentives being a study tour to the New Zealand and sponsored education bursaries for seniors, as well as other prizes for each age group.

The SA Sheep Expo is coordinated by an enthusiastic and passionate organising committee comprising of a number of stud and commercial sheep producers and industry people who have a depth of knowledge in the sheep and livestock industry. 




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