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Any adult attending the event and wishing to be supplied meals are required to pay a
parent/adult fee of $55 incl GST.

Any parent/carer/helper intending to stay overnight at the Showground will also require a current National Police Certificate.

Most people will already have a National Police Certificate, particularly if you are a member of a volunteer group – eg. CFS, a sports coach or a teacher.

Please ensure you indicate if you have a current police clearance or not on your entry form. Entrants can select this in the Entrant Details area. Parents can also indicate whether they have a current certificate or not at the Parent/Guardian section of this application form.

If you are 18 years or over you are required to provide a copy of your National Police Certificate to the SA Sheep Expo committee before the event. Alternatively, you can email a scanned copy of your certificate to to be filed with your application.

What if you don’t have a National Police Certificate? Please refer to


Please complete the following (only one person per form):


I wish to pay the $55.00 incl GST parent fee to receive all meals during the event. (note you must be an offering assistance in some capacity as a parent/carer/helper to select this option but do not need to be a “live-in” parent)
Yes   No
If no, a number of café options are available in close proximity to the event for you to purchase your meals.

I wish to stay overnight on the Showground for the event (parents will be allocated a locker / sleeping area and will be required to bring their own sleeping gear (eg. swag, stretcher) and bedding.
Yes   No

If yes, do you have a current Police Clearance Certificate?
Yes   No

Please email or post a copy of your certificate to for sighting by Committee. If you do not have a current certificate please refer the information provided at the beginning of this registration for details on how to obtain one.

The running of the SA Sheep Expo is a huge undertaking for the Committee. In order for the event to run smoothly and keep entry fees to a minimum the committee need the help of parents/guardians to volunteer their time during the duration of the Expo.

A member of the Committee will contact you by phone or email from the details you have given above.

Note: if you wish to receive all meals during the event please ensure you have selected “yes” above at the parent fee option.
Any help, whether a few hours, a day, or for the whole event is most appreciated.

IF you prefer to fill out a paper form and post to us with your payment - please use this link
>> Adult_Helper_Registration.pdf

Thank you for your help in making the 2019 SA Sheep Expo a success.