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 2018 SA Sheep Expo Results


JUNIOR Age Group Winners

1st: Brett Smith
2nd: Neve Tomney
3rd: Benjamin Frick


INTERMEDIATE Age Group Winners

1st: Jack Walker
2nd: Bronwyn Farrow
3rd: Kate Heinrich


SENIOR Age Group Winners

1st: Emily Webb-Ware
2nd: Kayla Starkey
3rd: Ebony McCauley


Heiniger Learners Scholarship: Jack Walker

Lawral Park Work Experience Scholarship: Dana Louise Clutterbuck

Superior Selections Scholarship: Kate Bond


 Handlers Class Results


Junior Handlers Class Results:

JUNIOR 1 - sponsored by BizBoost - web, design, print
1st: Ben Pearce
2nd: Zoe Lush
3rd: Benjamin Frick

JUNIOR 2 - sponsored by Sheep Producers Australia
1st: Harrison Wall
2nd: Nathan Lush
3rd: Annie McCarthy

JUNIOR 3 - sponsored by Landmark Stud Stock
1st: Brett Smith
2nd: Ella Jones
3rd: Lachlan Thompson


Intermediate Handlers Class Results:

INTER 1 - sponsored by Lawral Park Prime SAMM
1st: Erin Douglas
2nd: Jack Obst
3rd: Georgina Farrow

INTER 2 - sponsored by Stock Journal
1st: Olivia Cross
2nd: Bronwyn Farrow
3rd: Jack Walker

INTER 3 - sponsored by Superior Selections
1st: Lachlan Thomas
2nd: Laura Baker
3rd: Sarsha Bald

Senior Sheep Handler Class Results

SENIOR 1 - sponsored by Elders
1st: Erica Grant
2nd: Dana Louise Clutterbuck
3rd: Ebony McCauley

SENIOR 2 - sponsored by Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA
1st: Emily Webb Ware
2nd: Jarrod Cravan
3rd: Lachlan Grossman

SENIOR 3 - sponsored by Australian Wool Innovation
1st: Alan Lintern
2nd: Josh Nourse
3rd: Kayla Starkey



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