2016 SA Sheep Expo Results


Highest Achiever: Sarah Westerholm – 138
2nd Natash Dobrijevic – 135
3rd Patrick Liebich – 133.5
3rd Levi Whitehead – 133.5


Highest Achiever: Lauren Rayner – 148
2nd Erica Nealey – 144.5
3rd Ebony Mccauley – 144


ASSBA Award of Excellence and Sheepmeat Council of Australia Scholar:
Emily Attard – 206.8
2nd - Klay Smith – 206.7
3rd - Kate Methven – 203.3

Daniel Lutz – Encouragement Award
Josh Nourse – Encouragement Award

Heiniger Scholarship: Emma Bentley

Results from Handlers Classes

Handlers Class 1:

1st Patrick Liebich
2nd Emily Ashby
3rd William Thomas

Handlers Class 2:

1st Sarah Westerholm
2nd Levi Whitehead
3rd Ellie Mihalopoulus

Handlers Class 3:

1st Sophie Ashby
2nd Emma Bentley
3rd Lachlan Thomas

Handlers Class 4:

1st Claire Pearce
2nd Kelsey Adams
3rd Eliza Theil

Handlers Class 5:

1st Erica Nealey
2nd Lauren Rayner
3rd Tegan Ward

Handlers Class 6:

1st Caitlin Thompson
2nd Emily Attard
3rd Hayden Hillman

Handlers Class 7:

1st Grace Calder
2nd Shannon Donoghue
3rd Daniel Lutz