2024 SA Sheep Expo Results

Senior overall age group winners:

ASSBA & SA Sheep Industry Fund Award of Excellence: Alesha Bennett, Wagga Wagga, NSW
2nd - Charlotte Cain, Carisbrook, VIC
3rd - Nerissa James, Bittern, VIC

Intermediate overall age group winners:

Highest Achiever - Elsie Johnson, Peake, SA
2nd - Amelia Frick, Padthway, SA
3rd - Isabelle Armstrong, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Junior overall age group winners:

Highest Achiever - Ella SpillingTooradin, VIC
2nd - Flynn BeckMoorooduc, VIC
3rd - Ryan PhilpManoora, SA

SA Sheep Expo schools challenge trophy:

won by Naracoorte High School

Heiniger Shearing - Australia & New Zealand learners scholarship:

Jacob Scales

Jamestown Show Experience Scholarship:

Ryan Philp & Alisha Carter

Royal Adelaide Show Stewarding Experience:

Lucinda Smith

Flinders Merino Learners Scholarship:

Tom Megson

Merino SA Scholarship:

Tailah Lawton

LambEx 'Emerging Ewe' Scholarship:

Emi Hughes & Charlotte Poker



Senior Champion Handler - presented by SA Sheep Industry Fund

Sarah Westerholm

Reserve Senior Champion Handler

Charlotte Cain

Senior Class 1 - sponsored by Gallagher

1st place: Charlotte Cain
2nd place: Zoe Lush
3rd place: Nerissa James
Merit: Phoebe Holmes

Senior Class 2 - sponsored by Thornby

1st place: Sarah Westerholm
2nd place: Nathan Lush
3rd place: Natalie Harris
Merit: Alesha Bennett

Intermediate Champion Handler - presented by The Show Society Foundation

Peita Whitbread

Reserve Intermediate Champion Handler

Elsie Johnson

Intermediate Class 1 - sponsored by Elders

1st place: Tilly Keller
2nd place: Lily Jackson
3rd place: Isabelle Armstrong
Merit: Chelsea Wilkinson

Intermediate Class 2 - sponsored by Jumbuck

1st place: Lainie Jackson
2nd place: Tailah Lawton
3rd place: Jamie Beck
Merit: Grace Routley

Intermediate Class 3 - sponsored by Hills Farm Supplies

1st place: Chanel May
2nd place: Nicholas Jonas
3rd place: Halle Steinert
Merit: Annie Smith

Intermediate Class 4 - sponsored by Heiniger

1st place: Georgia Strachan
2nd place: Lacey-May Finch
3rd place: Flynn McGorman
Merit: Emily Crouch

Intermediate Class 5 - sponsored by Nutrien

1st place: Peita Whitbread
2nd place: Elsie Johnson
3rd place: Amelia Frick
Merit: Shayla Lepse

Intermediate Class 1 - sponsored by Kelvale Poll Merinos

1st - Saje Keenan
2nd - Annabelle Smith
3rd - George Willows
Encouragement - Tiffany Maestrale

Junior Champion Handler - presented by Australian Wool Innovation

Jessica Frick

Reserve Junior Champion Handler

Georgina Hahn

Junior Class 1 - sponsored by AgCAREERSTART

1st place: Alice Edgar
2nd place: Jasmine Daniels
3rd place: Eve Rowett
Merit: Annabel Preston

Junior Class 2 - sponsored by Spence Dix & Co

1st place: Lucy Lock
2nd place: Lacey Thompson
3rd place: Harrison Daley
Merit: Scarlett Densley

Junior Class 3 - sponsored by Michell

1st place: Georgina Hahn
2nd place: Ella Spilling
3rd place: Ruby Williams
Merit: William McBride

Junior Class 4 - sponsored by ASSBA

1st place: Emmy Finlayson
2nd place: Flynn Beck
3rd place: Jayde Sarginson
Merit: Bethany Carpenter

Junior Class 5 - sponsored by Merino SA

1st place: Jessica Frick
2nd place: Ella Jansons
3rd place: Lachie Gardiner
Merit: Hannah White

Junior Class 6 - sponsored by Kelvale Poll Merino

1st place: Georgia Williams
2nd place: Kianah Burns
3rd place: Taylor Kain
Merit: Ruby Bromage



sponsored by Nutrien Ag Solutions

Senior Age Group:

Champion: Charlotte Cain
2nd place: Jessica Kellock
3rd place: Alesha Bennett
Merit: Zoe Lush
Merit: Nathan Lush

Intermediate Age Group:

Champion: Elsie Johnson
2nd place: Grace Routley
3rd place: Jamie Beck
Merit: Lily Jackson
Merit: Nicholas Jones
Merit: Chanel May
Merit: Lucinda Smith
Merit: Amelia Frick

Junior Age Group:

Champion: Ruby Bromage
2nd place: Taylor Kain
3rd place: Ella Spilling
Merit: Jasmine Daniels
Merit: Lilly Harvey
Merit: Noah Kruse
Merit: Ryan Philp