SA Sheep Expo 2020 ONLINE

Welcome to the 2020 SA Sheep Expo – online edition!

We couldn’t meet to do the real thing in Adelaide, but we can still keep learning about the sheep industries. In the online edition of Expo, organisations, companies and individuals have put together videos and sessions to help you learn more about sheep.

You can also apply for the Heiniger Learners Scholarship.

So use the links below, have a look and get involved in the 2020 SA Sheep Expo Online!


SASE Learners Scholarship 2020

Thanks to Heiniger for their continued support of the SA Sheep Expo.
Also thanks to Josh Sneath from Shearer Woolhandler Training Inc., for his help supplying the shearing videos.

 Heiniger Learners Scholarship

Your chance to win a Shearer’s starter pack from Heiniger, valued at over $1500!

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If you are keen to learn more, these may also be of interest to you

Shearing and Wool Program 2020 - South Australia
supplied by Shearer Woolhandler Training Inc.

Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) is the organization that oversees the presentation of the Australian wool clip. From the preparation of the wool in the shearing shed, to the description of wool to the market, and reporting the results of that market, AWEX looks after it.

Fiona Raleigh is the Woolclasser Registrar, looking after the woolclassers in the sheds and the job they do preparing the wool.

Learn About Wool


Careers in Agriculture

Tegan Falkner

Tegan Falkner travels the South East SA and Western Districts VIC, and works with a variety of meat and wool producers. Nutrition, sheep management and careful selection of breeding stock along with wool marketing keep her occupied. Years of farming and in the shearing industry, she’s passionate about bringing young people into the sheep and wool industry to cement Australia’s future as a leading supplier of food and fibre to the world.


Claire Loveridge

Claire Loveridge is UK born and bred, and has been in Australia for over 10 years on the Eyre Peninsula of SA. Claire keenly works with producers to better their flocks and maximise return on the Merinos that wander the stubbles on the EP. She’s a wool classer, wool broker and ex-contractor with a number of miles under her belt worldwide in the shearing industry.

Charlotte Treloar

Charlotte Treloar is from the far North of SA and being born and bred on a large sheep station, is comfortable travelling the outback of Western NSW and the Northern Pastoral zone. She’s now involved with several studs and has a broad knowledge of different sheep for different climates and country. Charlotte is a knowledgeable resource with plenty of past experience, including livestock agency and contract mustering.


Sheep Genetics

Sheep Genetics, a part of Meat & Livestock Australia, delivers the national genetic evaluation service for the meat and wool sectors of the sheep industry. Our main role in is the delivery of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs), to ram breeders and their clients.

Links to videos:

Soil & Land Company Pty Ltd

Soil & Land Co. is a soil advisory business working with producers all around South Australia to improve the management of their soils.
Ed Scott the principal consultant is a passionate soil scientist who is dedicated to improving the management of soils and landscapes in primary production systems and natural resource management. Making soils information relatable and comprehendible to land managers is a key focus to engage and encourage improved practices to conserve the soil resource. This involves linking the soil condition to plant production for improved understanding of the impact the soil profile has on plant production further than just the top ten centimetres of soil.

Twitter: @soilpED

Thanks for joining us for the SA Sheep Expo Online, and a big thank you to the presenters for putting the sessions together. We would appreciate your feedback as in future we may be able to put SA Sheep Expo sessions online, so you can revisit them when you get home (send feedback to

Feel free to send a link to this page onto your friends as this is open to everyone.
And stay tuned – we are hoping to add more sessions over the coming months to SA Sheep Expo Online.